About Us

FASS is a group for families in the Hampshire area who have a child or children on the autistic spectrum. We organise about 40 activities each year that the whole family can enjoy together, such as soft play, train rides, swimming, 10 pin bowling, a panto trip, horse riding and many more. Our activities are for children aged 0-25 years who find it difficult to attend mainstream events. Our experienced co-ordinator ensures that factors that cause anxiety, such as noise, crowds and queues are kept to a minimum. Our activities offer a chance to have fun as a family, to try activities at a very subsidised rate and to meet other families who are sharing similar challenges.

FASS logo

This is our logo.

The smiley face star is the PECS symbol for free time and the yellow ring on the outside represents a life-ring symbolizing the life line that FASS provides for many of our families. FASS has been successful in acquiring registered charity status. We are now officially registered charity number 1130386.

Contact us

Susie Maddy, FASS co-ordinator

To find out more about FASS, or to make a donation, please contact Susie Maddy, the group founder and co-ordinator, on  07900297267. Alternatively you can email FASSadmin@googlemail.com, write to FASS, c/o 1 Angus Close, Fareham, Hants PO15 6BA.

Funding for established groups is extremely difficult to obtain, so unfortunately the committee has had to come to the decision that an annual membership fee will still apply. This is not a large amount and is used to cover postage and administration costs. Please download a membership form. Fees are due by 1st April 2015. Please send your cheque, made payable to Fareham Autistic Spectrum Support, to Susie Maddy. If you are not already a memeber it is possible to joing at any time during the year.

If you have have been a member of FASS during this past year please complete our Evaluation Questionnaire here. We need as many members to do this as possible. Firstly it gives us information so that we can try to improve and expand our services for you. Secondly it helps us to make funding applications, as we can clearly show how FASS benefits the whole family and without funding we cannot provide the activities and support we now offer.

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